My first motorcycle was a Moto Beta 100. It was the Enduro model, as my Dad would not let me have the scrambler version! It didn't matter. I took the lights off and gutted the exhaust anyway. I rode that thing around the fire roads in Medford Oregon for about a year and then graduated to an orange tank Cappra in 1968 and never looked back.


Since then, I have been involved with Montesa motorcycles and was a Montesa mechanic for six years (1972-78) at Arizona Sport Cycles in Phoenix Arizona. I raced motocross and rode trials starting in 1970 and was the traveling mechanic for our shop-sponsored rider T.J. Warren in 1975. We raced at Rio Bravo, Saddleback Park, Indian Dunes, as well as all the tracks in Arizona (Canyon, ADR, Metro, ACP, Fastrack, Beeline, Mayer). I still ride trials (vintage and modern) and am actively involved in the local vintage and post vintage motocross scene in Arizona. I also semi-sponser three Montesa racers and fully sponsor an 80' VF 414.


In 1992, I purchased my first inventory and began Southwest Montesa. I restored bikes, sold parts and built engines for people all over the world, as well as many A.V.D.R.A and A.H.R.M.A racers and trials competitors.


In 2019, due to health/financial reasons, I had to sell my inventory and retire. Southwest Montesa no longer sells or supplies parts for Montesas, but I'm still available for information and technical advice on my Facebook page or email


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